The International Commercial Arbitration Court

The Arbitration Practices of the ICAC

Under the Rules of the ICAC hearings are confidential, and for this reason the awards are not published fully.However, we do publish some practice reviews and summaries from which the details directly or indirectly pointing to the parties in arbitration procedure have been removed. One can find such practice reviews and summaries on our website in Russian, as well as in the magazines “Vestnik mezhdunarodnogo commercheskogo arbitrazha (International Commercial Arbitration Review), “Treteisky Sud” (“Arbitration court”), “Khoziastvo i Pravo” (“Business and Law”), “Zakonodatel’stvo” (“Legislation”), the newspaper “EJ-Jurist” (“Economy and life – Lawyer”).  Electronic texts are also included into law information systems “Garant” (practice reviews), “Consultant Plus” (summaries of awards).